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How to get your app featured on Windows Phone Store

In the last two and a half weeks (since July 9th), Gotya has been featured on Windows Phone Store seven times in forty-five countries, including today in the U.S. as the Featured App Of The Day. In addition to the App of the Day promo slot (for as the name implies, one app), there are also the  App Icons (three apps) and the Spotlight (eight apps) promo slots.

See this Windows Phone Developer Blog post including a video from Inside Windows Phone, to see what criteria Windows Phone Store merchandising team uses to choose which apps to feature on the Windows Phone Store. In other words, “what is a quality app” ?

We’re thrilled that the Windows Phone Store merchandising team has deemed Gotya to be a high quality app, and just as thrilled that with nearly 200 reviews globally averaging 4.5/5 stars, our users feel the same way.


Gotya reviewed on WPCentral

We’re fortunate enough today to have the good folks at Windows Phone Central do a thorough hands-on review of Gotya for Windows Phone.

We’ve studied the review and appreciate the positives and the negatives as it will help us improve the Gotya app and Cloud Service.

We also really like the cool pic of the annoying leaping squirrel that was taken by Gotya running on a Lumia 520.

Thanks to George Ponder at WPCentral for the well-written review.