IFTTT adds Revolv to smart home channel arsenal

As noted in a previous post about the new MyFox IFTTT channel, IFTTT keeps adding smart home channels (actually, smarthome vendors keep adding their own IFTTT channels via the IFTTT Channel Platform).

Today it was revealed that the Revolv IFTTT Channel will be available by the end of this month and will include the unique capability to create IFTTT Recipes right from within the Revolv app.

Revolv is the second major smart home Hub vendor after SmartThings to have their own IFTTT Channel.  Smart home Hubs bring in even more devices into the IFTTT fold via indirect integration (IFTTT <-> Hub Channel <-> Devices that work with Hub).

Wouldn’t be surprised to see one of the big smart home vendors like Google/Nest or Samsung/SmartThings scoop up IFTTT. This would give the acquirer more leverage, control, and faster time to market  in increasing the size and reach of not only their automation-compatible smart home device/sensor ecosystem but also mashups with external Web services like The Weather Channel, Dropbox, Twitter, and so on. The more devices and sevices that consumers/end users can automate and stitch together via recipes, the higher the value and more use cases available.

Also expect IFTTT to add “compound” recipes where more than one trigger (“THIS”) can result in one or more actions (“THAT”), like Wigwag does.

Party on, smart home!


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