Over-thinking and over-complicating SJC perimeter security

As originally reported in this blog post, perimeter security at Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC) needs some serious beefing up, and we suggested a simple solution – put in cameras with motion detection and alerting capabilities and make sure they cover all areas of potential intrusion. 

“…he picked a spot where cameras didn’t pick him up”.

“Once on the airfield, security cameras captured an image that appeared to be the boy, airport officials said, but apparently no one monitoring the closed-circuit video system saw it.” 

Hence the need for motion detection and alerting on all perimeter cameras at SJC and ensuring they cover 100% of the perimeter. And of course, if not blatantly obvious already, make sure the cameras have night-vision.

The alerts can be in the form of SMS text messages backed up by audible alerts to the companion mobile app for the cameras being used. The text message can contain a link to a short video clip or high-res snapshots of the moving object and the security personnel can then react accordingly, immediately, without having to constantly watch video monitors. Many  cameras have two-way audio capability (as well as audio-triggered alerts in addition to motion) so warnings could be immediately made (shouted or barked) to the intruder that they’re about to be apprehended.

Does it really require bringing in a national non-profit safety group to figure this out? We’re with San Jose councilman Sam Liccardo who called it a “straightforward challenge” akin to building a better mousetrap that should be no problem given the airport’s location in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Come on SJC, get on your horse.


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