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How To Capture High Resolution Images

You can set Gotya to capture two types of images: Standard Quality and High Quality. Standard Quality is VGA (640×480) and supports both local and Gotya cloud storage. High Quality is the maximum pixels supported by the device used as the Gotya camera and supports local storage only. In this example, I’ve used a Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8,  which has an 8MP camera, so pictures captured by Gotya in High Quality mode are 8MP.

High Quality vs Motion Detection Speed Trade-Off

High Quality image capture requires much higher processing (CPU, memory, storage) resources. In order to ensure as consistently  high performance motion detection and picture capture as possible, Gotya stores High quality images locally to the device only. For the vast majority of use cases, VGA picture quality is sufficient to clearly identify moving objects. However for those cases where high-resolution pictures are required (for example, capturing small moving objects that are relatively far away from the Gotya camera), Gotya supports this requirement via High quality image mode.

Setting Picture Quality

In Camera->Advanced Settings you can set Image quality = Standard or High. If you select High, Save location will be automatically set to Local.

high resolution image

Camera->Settings->Advanced settings

If you subsequently want to store pictures to the Gotya cloud by setting Save location = Gotya, Image quality will be automatically set to Standard.

Standard quality image, motion detection

Image quality is auto-set to Standard when Cloud storage is selected

Standard Quality Image Setting

Image quality auto-set to Standard in cloud storage mode

Using OneDrive to Auto-Upload High Quality Images to the Cloud

OneDrive (formerly known as SkyDrive) users can set their Windows Phone to automatically upload Gotya high-quality pictures to the OneDrive cloud by going into Settings->System->Backup->Photos.  Every High quality picture captured by Gotya will be auto-uploaded to the Saved Pictures album on OneDrive.

OneDrive, Windows Phone, SkyDrive

Set Windows Phone to auto-save pictures to OneDrive

Comparison of Standard Quality Sequence to High Quality Sequence

Sequence #1 shows motion detection and pictures of a bouncing ball captured in Standard quality / save to Gotya cloud mode. You can see that six VGA (640×480 or about 300K pixels) pictures are captured in about a three-second interval.

VGA, standard resolution, motion detection

Standard quality (VGA 640×480 px) 1 of 6

motion detection

Standard Quality 2 of 6

motion detection

Standard Quality 3 of 6

motion detection

Standard quality 4 of 6

motion detection

Standard quality 5 of 6

motion detection

Standard quality 6 of 6

Sequence #2 shows motion detection and pictures of the same bouncing ball captured in high quality / save to local mode. Three high quality (8MP)  pictures are captured in the same interval. Even with multi-threading (one process for motion detection and picture capture, another process for saving the images), there is a reduced # of pictures per time interval. If cloud storage was enabled, you could expect only one picture to be captured in this interval.

motion detection

High resolution 1 of 3 (3264 x 2448 pixels)

motion detection

High resolution 2 of 3

motion detection, high resolution picture

High Resolution 3 of 3

The Bottom Line

Unless you have a specific need for high-resolution pictures where maximum motion detection speed (# of pictures/second) is  less of a priority than picture resolution, we recommend using Standard quality picture setting. Standard quality picture setting provides sufficient detail for most use cases and also supports Gotya cloud storage and alerts. However, for those use cases where resolution is the most important consideration, Gotya supports high-resolution pictures with optional auto-save of pictures to OneDrive cloud.  Note that alerts are not supported in high-resolution mode, so you will have to manually check your OneDrive Saved Pictures album to see if any motion has been detected and pictures captured by Gotya.


Check out this awesome picture of a soaring bird captured by a Lumia 925 Windows Phone in High Quality picture mode.

high resolution picture, motion detection, bird, photo surveillance

High Flying Bird


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