DIY Smartphone Stands

In order to use your smartphone as a Gotya motion detection surveillance camera, you’ll need a smartphone stand to mount it in a stable and fixed position, aimed at the area that you want to monitor.

There are thee types of smartphone stands that you can choose from:

1) Commercial Smartphone Stands

The two manufacturers we use and can recommend are JOBY Griptight ($30-$35) and WOXOM SlingShot ($20). Both of these are a combination of tripod+mount (=stand) that can be detached from each other. JOBY also has the Mpod Mini which is a small integrated stand ($15). The GripTight product line has different tripod sizes and features like flexible/bendable tripod legs, magnetic tripod feet, and detachable mounts, which gives you more ways that you can set up your camera. For example, you can wrap these around poles or posts, or attach to a magnetic surface.

As noted above, the GripTight and SlingShot mounts can be detached from the tripod, so that you can use the mount with any standard camera tripod (see 2) below).

2) Smartphone mounts for standard camera tripods

If you already have a camera tripod with a standard 1/4-20 UNC screw thread, you can purchase a smartphone mount from JOBY, WOXOM, or iStabilizer. The JOBY GripTight Mount is $20.

3) Do it Yourself (DIY) stands that you can make from everyday things

There is an amazing range of ways to use everyday items to make a simple and inexpensive (free) stand for your surveillance camera. The ones we’ve seen range from a Pringles potato chip can to binder clips and paper coffee cup sleeves to Lego.

We also made a few of our own:

Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone

PVC Pipe Smartphone Stand

Nokia Lumia 900 smartphone stand

Paper towel roll (with binder clip stabilizers)

Nokia Lumia 900 smartphone stand

3-Prong to 3-Prong Electrical Adapter

Did you make your own smartphone stand? Let us know in the comments.


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